Our Mission is Simple.

Together, we are stimulating our economy, helping local restaurants emerge triumphant from the COVID-19 pandemic, and supporting our healthcare heroes who are putting their lives on the line for us all. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why did you start this?

    While our founder, Patrisse Chan, was recording a Rise Regardless podcast series, called “Quarantine Kitchens”, featuring a few of her favourite restaurants in Vancouver to support them during these unprecedented times, she was deeply moved by their resilience and compassion. In spite of the financial losses they had already endured, they were nonetheless altruistic — donating meals to their nearest frontline workers. 

    The “aha!” moment came when she asked herself, “How can the rest of us support BOTH our local restaurants and our healthcare heroes in this process?” The answer? Through Feeding Our Frontlines. On our accessible and easy-to-navigate platform, your donations buy meals for our frontline workers from your favourite local restaurants. Donate today!

  • Where does the money go?

    100% of your donation after credit card and service fees directly pays for individually-wrapped, healthy meals for our frontline workers. 

    We do not take any commission, and in fact, our founder personally absorbed the startup costs of $500 to build this website and launch this initiative. As vehement supporters of our local economy who are also immensely grateful for our healthcare heroes, we are not interested in financial compensation for our efforts; it’s a labour of love for us.

  • Which healthcare facility will receive my meal donation?

    If you made your donation to a specific restaurant, the meal will be delivered to the nearest healthcare facility — hospital or long-term care home — with whom we’ve been in touch. If you selected “No preference”, your donation will be contributed to underserved facilities. 

  • How much does it cost to feed 1 frontline worker?

    This depends on the restaurant partner. On average, it costs between $10-$20 CAD to feed 1 frontline worker (including delivery costs). This means between $500-$1,000 CAD to feed an entire shift!

  • I’ve made a donation. How else can I help?

    First off, thank you for your support in Feeding Our Frontlines! If you’re interested in volunteering with us — from fundraising to expanding this initiative to frontline workers and restaurants in your city — we’d love to have you on board! Visit our “Get Involved” page to fill out the volunteer form. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours regarding next steps. 

  • I’m a restaurant owner. How can I become a partner?

    Thanks so much for your interest in joining our initiative! As per healthcare partner requirements, there must be full infection control standards and safe packaging of food at your restaurant site. These standards must also be maintained during delivery, and all meals must be individually-wrapped, labelled and dated. 

    Sound like a match? Fill out the form on our “Get Involved” page, and we’ll send you a confirmation email within 24 hours. It's as easy as that!

  • Do you have vegetarian and/or vegan restaurant partners?

    We absolutely do! On our donation form, vegetarian restaurants are denoted with “V” and vegan restaurants are denoted with “V+” following the restaurant name. As well, nearly all of our restaurant partners offer vegetarian and/or vegan options in addition to their defaults. You can also see a full list of our restaurant partners here

  • Who do you coordinate with within healthcare facilities?

    We work directly with the respective perishable food donation program leads who ensure that the meals are distributed seamlessly across their units. In this process, we also take into account their unique needs such as dietary restrictions and number of support workers (technicians, custodians, etc.)!


Our Team

Feeding Our Frontlines is powered by 3 Vancouver-based students who are vehement supporters of our local economy and immensely grateful for our healthcare heroes! Here's our founding team:

Patrisse Chan

Product Manager

Bachelor of International Economics + Master of Management, The University of British Columbia

Zoey Li

Product Designer

Bachelor of Business Administration + Interactive Arts & Technology, Simon Fraser University

Eunice Wu

Graphic Designer + Outreach Lead

Doctor of Pharmacy, The University of British Columbia

Our team has expanded!

Fion Yi

Marketing Strategist

Bachelor of International Economics, The University of British Columbia

Brian Chua

Partner Success Manager

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Active Health & Rehabilitation), Simon Fraser University

Sydney Grad

Expansion Coordinator: Ontario

Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies & Minor in Classics, Queen's University

Felicia Aiello

Expansion Coordinator: Ontario

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Economics, Queen’s University

Josh Chan

Volunteer Coordinator

Combined Bachelor of Business + Computer Science, The University of British Columbia

Jeffrey Leung

Technical Lead

Bachelor of Computing Science + Certificate of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Simon Fraser University

Heather DeHaven

Software Developer

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, The University of British Columbia

Raj Zala

Software Developer

Bachelor of Science in Nanotechnology Engineering, University of Waterloo

Christopher Truong

Software Developer

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Mahima Kapoor


Bachelor of Science in Integrated Sciences, The University of British Columbia

Monica Krishnamurthy

Product Manager

Master in Product Management, Carnegie Mellon University

Special shout out to a few other students who have unwaveringly supported us in the process, namely Katy Ho for outreach to vegan restaurant partners and Josh Chan for development in the initial phases!

We are also truly grateful for Abi Mirza who single-handedly built this website. If you are looking for a freelancer for your next project, reach out to Abi; he’s the epitome of professionalism and innovativeness. We recommend him with the utmost confidence.